Trenggalek is located 183 km on the South-West of Surabaya, the Capital city of East Java Province, and bordered by Tulungagung in the East, Indonesian Ocean in the South, Pacitan and Ponorogo in the West, Ponorogo and Tulungagung Regencies in the North.

Many tourism objects in here, such as: Prigi Beach, Damas Beach, Pelang Beach, Karanggongso Beach, Lowo Cave, and also Trenggalek's traditional art and food. Its beautiful and origin beaches are able to invite many visitors. Many Beach in here is so exciting because of the Indonesian Ocean wild wave. The fresh air and also the beautiful view of mountains surrounding this town will make you so comfort here.

Trenggalek was not as poor as you imagine guys. Trenggalek is enriched with various potential natural resources such as: maining material (marble, limestons, meteorit, orcher, piropillit, feldspar, caolin, trass, sandstons, etc). Agriculture product (rice, corn soja), plantation products (coffee, colve, cacao, coconut mangosteen, zalacca and durian), forest products (such as terpentine as row material for gondorukem / gum)

Alen - Alen Sir....
Trenggalek have many food also here, alen-alen (javanese yellow O-ring snack), manco, geti, tempe kripik and many other which can completely satisfying your appetite with low cost of course.

So, visit this town someday and you will be addicted to be here again, again and again.

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