What is EIP

EIP stand for English Immersion Program 

EIP is a program for UNESA English Department Fresh students. They have to speak in 100 % English during this program. Not only the participants, but also the committees, LO and of course the Lecturer. We will have out bond challenges, exhibitions, games, presentations and lots of fun. Don't worry, its never gonna hurt you. In EIP, there will be some nominations, such as King and Queen of EIP and the best Group. Those awards are gonna be yours if you are active and smarter than a 5th grader.LoL. always a theme behind EIP, in 2009, we have Revolusionary Hero from several country and for 2010, we have Indonesian Culture. So, the teams will be divided and named based on it. 

in 2009, EIP was held in Claket , near Pacet Mojokerto. Its a very different EIP because the committees are late t book Villa BIMA SAKTI, Malang. The Villa that used to be the place for EIP for several times and known the best place for EIP so far. We also pick by a truck to go to Claket..poor you. It's raining when we have an out bond. One of the worst EIP. But Alhamdulillah, we still enjoy it and have many good things to remember there. 

There is a friend who talk about it in his blog

in 2010, I guess it is one of the best EIP. We was in BIMA SAKTI and the participant pick by 3 A class Buses. Comfort room and wide yard greet us, the scenery surrounding Selecta is something that promising us an unforgettable out bond. We love this EIP, Good exhibitions, Awesome Performances and friendly weather during the day.
see this blog :  

these are some pictures from 2010 EIP in Bima Sakti Malang 

The participants have to present their "tribe".

The Jury are our beloved Lecturer

We have out bond

We have Exhibition

We have Tracking

We have Performances, From the committee

We have Performances, From the Participants

 Also, We have Performances, From our Lecturers

And this is our 2009 EIP Album that we posted in FB, let picture talks 

Hopefully We will have a better EIP this year. I am always missing the time when we are forced to speak English, something that rarely happens in our life. 

good night 

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  1. I think there is a little mistake in this article.. if I m not mistaken, It was not EIP 2009 but EIP 2010.. I can see from the pictures, the places, and the participants..hehehe^^ I will never forget all about this moment, Gustaf..^^ thanks

  2. Thanks for your comments

    But, yes it is, I don't think that I have put any pictures of EIP 2009 in this post, The pictures here are from EIP 2010, All of them. For EIP 2009, I just put a link to my Facebook Album.

    anyway, Thanks for visiting my Blog :D


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