Trenggalek is located 183 km on the South-West of Surabaya, the Capital city of East Java Province, and bordered by Tulungagung in the East, Indonesian Ocean in the South, Pacitan and Ponorogo in the West, Ponorogo and Tulungagung Regencies in the North.

Many tourism objects in here, such as: Prigi Beach, Damas Beach, Pelang Beach, Karanggongso Beach, Lowo Cave, and also Trenggalek's traditional art and food. Its beautiful and origin beaches are able to invite many visitors. Many Beach in here is so exciting because of the Indonesian Ocean wild wave. The fresh air and also the beautiful view of mountains surrounding this town will make you so comfort here.

Trenggalek was not as poor as you imagine guys. Trenggalek is enriched with various potential natural resources such as: maining material (marble, limestons, meteorit, orcher, piropillit, feldspar, caolin, trass, sandstons, etc). Agriculture product (rice, corn soja), plantation products (coffee, colve, cacao, coconut mangosteen, zalacca and durian), forest products (such as terpentine as row material for gondorukem / gum)

Alen - Alen Sir....
Trenggalek have many food also here, alen-alen (javanese yellow O-ring snack), manco, geti, tempe kripik and many other which can completely satisfying your appetite with low cost of course.

So, visit this town someday and you will be addicted to be here again, again and again.

Happy idul Adha

katanya muslim harus kompak,
tapi ada yang selasa, ada yang rabu,

katanya negara mayoritas muslim, tapi ndak islamnya kesana kemari

katanya ngorban atas nama orang ndak masuk,
emak saya dapat tuh yang kayak gitu?

katanya udah beres wuquf, tapi besoknya masih puasa arofah?

selamat hari raya idul adha,kapan aja harinya, versi siapa saja...
semoga Indonesia tetap jaya,
mau donasi via kaskus buat mentawai wasior merapi? : buka di kaskus peduli
ada barang kayak ginian menanti kamu, 

Giant VW beetle

This incredible car house on the border of a nature preserve in Gnigl near Salzburg, Austria is named Auto Residence. What do you think about a house like this? Did you want to spend all of your live in a car? Many people might avoid it as their house. They do want to live in their own car and spend their time of the rest there. the special things from this house are the technology, the size and the designer.

Are you a a green person? this will be helping you so much. This house use 3 liter  energy-efficient heating and insulation technique that optimizes all this building technology and reducing the energy concumption. So futusictic, isn’t?

The size, the do not need a large area to build a house like this. This car is so good for our environment, If you concern in reduce global warming, this is the answer. A car, a giant Volkswagen beetle for your living, Just like what Ed Bedgley Junior do.  

This “car” was architected by German designer Markus Volglreiter. He successfully made his project as a phenomena in house design. His imagination in exterior and its interior completely awesome. “This car-home is actually pretty cool looking—you’d never have to worry about friends and family finding your house if you were having a party. Markus Vogireiter’s car-home is actually starting to look like a toy car, which is pretty cool!” As Allison opinions in a lifestyle website

All at all, this house could be a new trendsetter in housing style, this is one example to inspiring people how to built a super unique house but as comfort as common residence.

Steven Paul Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs is an American famous businessman and inventor. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Apple. He was born in San Francisco and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. His biological parent, Abdulfattah was a Syrian Muslim, it’s made Jobs appearance looks like an Arabian. The interesting things from him were Apple, his fight against cancer and his leadership style.

At the beginning of Apple Computer in 1976, Jobs, Wozniak and Ronald Wayne decided to sell Apple 1 personal computer kit. Later, Wayne sells his share in this company to Jobs and Woz by $800. When Jobs brings his Apple go public, it generated more capital than any company in history. Jobs worked on Macintosh development (now: iMac) which was a legend product in history of personal computer by its design. Jobs capability in calligraphy made all of apple products always in high class design and typography.  As Apple continued to expand, Jobs became a famous person.

As a famous person, Jobs ever made world surprised. In mid of 2004, Jobs was announced that he had been diagnose with a serious cancerous tumor in his pancreas. After initially resisting the idea of conventional medical intervention and embarking on a special diet to thwart the disease, the tumor successfully removed. With all controversy about his health between 2004 until 2009, finally jobs got a liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute in Memphis, Tennessee. Jobs’s prognosis was excellent.

In 2009 also, Steve bounce up his life once more, came back to Apple and was named as the CEO of the decade by Fortune Magazine. He was Rank 57th on Forbes: the world’s most powerful people. Those achievements have been made of Jobs aggressive and demanding personality. Floyd Norman from Pixar said that Jobs was a mature and mellow individual. Jobs was so proud with his Apple and his stylish products.
All at all, Steve Jobs is  an extraordinary man by any standard. Although he was a temperament person, all his innovation in Apple has made own colors in  Computer industries and business competition. We should learn from him that creativity is never end and never surrender whatever our conditions.